Nov 19

200 word essay of global warming

Columbia                                                                                              801

11-19-07                                                                                             History

 Global Warming  

`Global warming is the repercussion that happens when man made materials release green house gasses and pollution that harm the ozone layer and more sunrays are coming to the earth causing ice to melt. The more pollution and gasses that produce the thinner the ozone layer gets. This is causing the world to get hotter and causing the weather to change rapidly.

            This also dose not help the atmosphere when people do not use earth friendly products such as hair spray, car fuel, cigarettes smoke and etc. we are damaging the world. Some effects we are having since global warming is tornadoes, floods, heat waves, droughts, and so on. The start of Global warming is from the Industrial Revolution. The Industrial Revolution was the start of all fuels and pollutions from man made products. We made machines and factories which release smokes and it was the start of the Ozone layer thinner.
            In the Last 14 years we had the hottest years ever. These are facts. They well say by the end of all of this all the world will be under water. The land well goes under water the seas and ocean will rise. This is information about global warming.